Why are you asking me how Akhil is : Monal Gajjar ?

Monal was a special attraction in Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4. Although she has acted in many Telugu movies as a heroine, Rani’s craze came to Monal due to Bigg Boss. Monal is currently busy in Tollywood and on the bully screen, hoping to appear again. There is no doubt that everything is charmed by Bigg Boss. Netizens are commenting that it is also due to her chemistry with Akhil that she got this level of recognition. Monal, who has been busy in Hyderabad since the completion of Bigg Boss 4, recently moved to Gujarat. From there Monal recently came to Hyderabad.

People who saw Monal at the Hyderabad airport competed to greet him. Some asked Monal how Akhil was at the time. Akhil insisted and tried to get her to play. She seemed a little embarrassed by that. Monal responds to that by asking me how Akhil is doing. He will be happy in their house. Akhil thing is asking me .. it feels a bit embarrassing to call me by his name, ”Monal said. People call you that because of your closeness and other acquaintance with Akhil. Netizens are commenting that you can not understand that.

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