Vijayadevarakonda actress dating has become a hot topic …

Ananya Pandey has already become a sinner in Tollywood by starring opposite Devarakonda in `Ligar`. No special introduction is required about her. As a Bollywood insider, outsiders have a decaying beauty talent. Distinctive waves are already spreading everywhere in the north wave.

And someone unique after following fashions and trends. Following the latest trends in the industry from time to time those photoshoots are being shared to the fans on social media. Also the unique Pandey dating affair has recently become a topic of discussion. Ananya once again caught the camera’s attention with a friend before forgetting that she had gone on holiday to the Maldives with Khalifa coaster Ishan Khattar for the New Year celebrations. After a break, he went for a Valentine’s dinner with his secret friend Ishan Khattar. But before that he shared a series of photos on his Instagram and they went viral. Of these, the red hot photo caught everyone’s attention. Unique looks so cute in this look Love Look. This photo has now gone viral on youth social media. “Your eyes fell on me,” she said with an enthusiastic headline. What Ananya is saying is not true..can he stop guys from adoring him? We need to think about it now.

When it comes to career .. Shakun Batra is currently acting in the upcoming film. Deepika Padukone – Siddhant looks special with Chaturveda. With this, the filming of Liger is nearing completion. The film is set to release on September 9, 2021.

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