Pawan Kalyan is an actress who has become a goddess of fortune with Gabbar Singh

Many beliefs in the film industry .. Would not be an exaggeration to appear elsewhere! Palana says they have no name .. Cine people are moving forward with various beliefs that one is the Iron Leg and the other is the Golden Hand. However .. these are good for some and harmful for most people. Once the ‘Iron Leg’ is stamped, that’s all .. almost the end of the career. However .. that stamped heroine Shruti haasan .. apart from getting out of it .. it is a privilege to be called the Golden Hand.

Initially, some of the films he acted in flop .. Shruti is stamped as Iron Leg. With this .. the makers were thinking a lot to take her in their movies. But .. now it is a privilege to glorify her as the goddess of fortune. The heroes who are flopping in a row say that if anyone takes Shrutihaasan .. they are guaranteed a hit. Not only that .. they are also showing the evidence related to this. Until then, Shruti Haasan looked like an iron leg. Pawan has been in a series of flops since the Gabbar Singh movie. Gabbar Singh owns the hit almost ten years later. The heroine of this movie is Shruthi Hasan. If you look at Mahesh Babu .. 1-Prince Success broke with Nenokkadine Aagadu movies. Mahesh flop two times in a row .. then hit a blockbuster with Rich. It should be noted that Shrutihaasan is also the heroine in this movie.

Now if you look at the latest Ravi Teja track record .. Mass Maharaj is also in a series of failures. Touch and Look Nelaticket Amar Akbar Antony Discoraja is facing a series of failures. Hit with the latest released crack movie. In this too Shruthihasane is the heroine. And because of this, the movie people have noticed that the audience should notice .. Shrutihaasan is no longer the Iron Leg .. he is the goddess of luck. Fans are going viral on social media on O Range as the tune has turned into a golden hand that gives hits to heroes in consecutive flops. And by this logic Pawan lawyer Saab is also supposed to be a blockbuster hit. Shrutihasane is also acting as the heroine in it. Pawan was also in the flop before the film. Will Pawan Polity once again become the goddess of fortune and continue this sentiment? Or not? That is to be seen

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