‘Okkadu’ Classic Hit My All Time Favorite: Namratha

Movies released during the Sankranthi festival are very special in the film industry. All the films that come to the festival, big or small, try to be maximum hits. But only a few of them receive a super hit. Sometimes even small films become blockbusters to compete with big movies. Similarly, exactly 18 years ago, on January 15, 2003, a movie starring superstar Mahesh Babu was released and became a huge success. One of the films released on the occasion of Sankranthi that year was the blockbuster film that turned Mahesh’s career around. Mahesh’s career has brought stardom in the range of one before and one after the film. Directed by Gunasekhar and produced by MS Raju, the Charminar set played a pivotal role after the heroines.

Producer MS Raju took a huge risk in those days and designed the Charminar set at the then producer Ramanayudu’s place outside Hyderabad City at a cost of Rs. The role of the heroine in this movie is very well acted. Also cultivated good chemistry opposite Mahesh. Manisharma’s music in particular is a highlight of the film. Manisharma’s lyrics and background music took the film to another level. The main character is played by the villain Prakash Raj. The film is also one of Prakash Raj’s career best performances. All this aside, Kondareddy Buruju is also one of the highlights of the film. Today marks the 18th anniversary of the film’s release. On this occasion, Mahesh Satyamani Namrata reacted on social media about the film. ‘Okkadu’ is a classic hit in Mahesh’s career. Can be seen more often. “This movie is my all time favorite movie,” she said humbly. News about the movie is going viral on social media right now.

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