Is Nivetha Pethuraj left disappointed?

Niveda Pethuraj .. Niluvettu beautiful form .. Apurupam for guys. Good height .. This girl with personality breaks down. ‘Chitralahari’ .. ‘Brochevarevarura’ is coming up with movies. It was against this backdrop that this blonde hit the opportunity in the movie ‘Red’. Big banner .. star hero .. director with craze .. doing more than the role of a police officer. With that, everyone thought that it was certain that this girl would turn the stage with this movie. For years it was said that this girl had the right character.

Many heroines have played the roles of Lady Police Officer on the Telugu screen. But the role of Lady Police Officer is Sharada .. Only Vijayashanti will be remembered by the audience. The reason for this is their height which is a special attraction. Everyone thought that this girl would be well set up as a police officer as Niveda Pethuraj is also a good bodyguard. She said that this role will help her career a lot. But her absence from that level on screen is causing dissatisfaction among fans. Niveda Pethuraj’s character is not dynamic and they are all lip service.

Niveda Pethuraj is said to have appeared on screen due to director Kishore Thirumala not adapting the role of a police officer properly. Opinions are heard that it would have been better if she had paid more attention to the way she designed the character. In fact Niveda Pethuraj was the right choice for the role. However, due to a flaw in the character, she could not be used to the fullest. Thus Niveda Pethuraj was not as impressive as expected. It’s not just her .. it’s something that disappoints even her fans.

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