In the latest photo shoot, Rouhani Sharma shows that she is raising her hot factor

It is very difficult for heroines to make a traditional impression at the beginning of their career. Characters related to acting never come to the protagonists. Touching glamor will not improve your career. Bridesmaids like Isha Rebba know how hard it is to make a traditional impression in front of them, and then cultivate a glamor dimension within themselves. The situation of Ruhani Sharma, who came to the Telugu screen with the film Chilasau, is almost the same. She impressed with her fine acting in that movie. The film was a great success. But Rouhani was not given a chance. Rouhani also changed his approach as he is not an NTC for new movies.

Meanwhile, Rouhani photo shoots are all hot. She is a traditional character in the recently released film Dirty Hari, but is very hot on her guys with lip lock and romantic scenes. Although Simrat Kaur is the highlight of the film, Rouhani is also unique. Now the latest photo shoot done by Rouhani also raises the hot factor in her. Rouhani says his appearance is his own with his new photo shoot. Rouhani is all set to make her Bollywood debut with Agra soon. On the other hand, Srinivas led by Srinivas Saraswati was delayed in completing 100 districts.

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