Had to star in a nude scene for a scene in the movie: Salma Hayok

Erotic scenes are now commonplace in Hollywood. Nude scenes of the protagonists are now frequently seen. But Salma Hayok, who starred in nude scenes years ago, became a sensational star at the time. Salma, a Mexican beauty, has been impressing audiences with Hollywood movies for a long time. Salma filmed nude scenes somewhere. She first did nude scenes in the movie Desperado. She described her feelings at the time in a recent interview. He seemed very embarrassed at the time.

Desperado filmmakers have never mentioned nude scenes before. He was told to act in a nude scene for a scene while in the middle of shooting. He did not say no because the movie was necessary. Who did not force himself during the shooting of that scene. He also took all the necessary precautions while participating in the shooting. However, tears kept coming as soon as the camera moved forward. His father and brother watch this movie. The tears did not stop when I got the feeling of how they would receive me if I acted in a scene like this. After that I told myself I did those scenes.

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